About Nailosophy - Nail Salon in Brookline MA 02446

About Us


Our commitment is to provide a safe and clean environment for our clients and employees at all times. We do that in a very simple, but progressive way; that is to keep all tools sanitized and all implements sterilized after each use. Our hospital-grade sterilizing process includes 3 steps: brush-cleaned with soap, immersed in disinfectant, and steamed in the autoclave. Pedicure tubs are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected after each pedicure service. Each client will get a new set of single-use file and buffer for their nail services. There's absolutely no double-dipping in our waxing. Still, have doubts about our cleanliness? Just ask and we can show you how it's done.

At Nailosophy, not only do we care about the health of your nails, but we also care about the overall well-being of everyone here, including you as the clients and ourselves as the team. We make sure the place is always free of chemical smells. We strive to only provide you with the services that we believe are good for your nails. All of our nail services also come with a guarantee: 2-days no chip for regular polish, 5-days for dazzle dry, and 7-days for gel. Just give us a call when chipping happens within those time frames, and we'll fix it for you with no questions asked.

For a fun and exploring experience, we let you pick your favorite choice of scrub and lotion from our signature and seasonal collection, for each pedicure service.

Whether you're in the mood for some express services or some deluxe treatments, we'll make sure you leave feeling refreshed and happy.